VSCO Design Language System

A unified system for simplicity and precision

The VSCO design language system was built to unify an expanding experience across both creation-tools and the global community. While the VSCO aesthetic is known for being austere and minimal, the system has been designed to encourage ‘play’ and ‘exploration’ through interaction.  

Images are the center-piece of the VSCO experience. Unique groupings and layouts define each space, providing a sense of expansion and compression depending on the context. For example, the scatter view in feed ‘breathes’ as you scroll through a gallery of images curated by those who you follow. Profile snippets are compressed to indicate a body-of-work by a specific creator.

The system also provides the design team (and those interested in design) a simplie and precise toolkit to build from — Lego bricks that can be configured and reconfigured infinitely.


Glyph system


Grid system

Image system

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Shane R. Allen — Designing global communities one pixel at a time.