Building the VSCO Community 

More than just photo editing

For many, VSCO is a place for photo editing. But for a growing few, VSCO is now a sacred place void of social pressure with no public likes or comments.

In order to maintain and grow such a unique communty, it was important that we defined a set of design principles and a design language that honored creative expression, put the creator first and sort to protect the very thing that made VSCO unique — a judgement free community where photographers and artists felt uninhibited to share their work, be inspired by others, and grow creatively. 

Community projects included
Favoriting, Reposting, Messaging, Notifications, Blocking, Quick Actions, Suggested Users, Related Images, Search, and Discovery

Community design language included
Profile, Feed, Image-detail, Journal, and email redesigns. 


Image Studies

Next Project: VSCO Creative Tools


Shane R. Allen — Designing global communities one pixel at a time.