Senior Designer, Lead & Mentor

VSCO Messaging

A place for creative conversation

VSCO messaging was designed to foster creative collaboration in the community by only allowing conversations between mutual followers on the platform. Furthermore convesations can only begin from existing content on the platform; images, journals, DSCOs, and Creator profiles – making VSCO messaging purpose built for critique and creative converations.

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VSCO Discovery Hub

Curated and personlized content recommendations

Honoring expression, the VSCO Discovery hub reflects the diversity and creativity of the VSCO community. Curated by the VSCO editorial team, thousands of images are hand picked based on their aesthetic qualilites, themes, and subtext.

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Building the VSCO Community

More than just photo editing

For most, VSCO is a place for photo editing. But for a growing few, VSCO is now a sacred place void of social pressure, with no public likes or comments, the VSCO community has become the ‘Headspace’ for photography.

Projects include: Profiles, Feed, Favoriting, Reposting, Blocking, Sharing

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VSCO Creative tools

Best-in-show tools for creators

World class mobile presets, tools and subscriptions for all types creators around the world — Pro photographers, social planners, and Marketers.

Projects include: Recipes, Borders, Hue, VSCO X subscriptions, DSCO, Preset organization, Studio & editing usability upgrades.

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VSCO Design Language System

A unified system for simplicity and precision

While the VSCO aesthetic is known for being austere and minimal, the system has been designed to encourage ‘play’ and ‘exploration’ through interaction.

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