Shane R. Allen



Senior Product Designer, VSCO 
Currently, I work on the Product Design team at VSCO in Oakland California, designing a community of expression for millions of photographers around the world.

Principal Designer, Airbnb 
Previously, I worked at Airbnb where I solved problems related to trust, empathy, and perception for a global community of travelers and hosts.


I consider myself a cross-functional designer with core competencies in visual, interaction, user experience, and product design. I’m driven by a combination of natural curiosity, formal design principles, and a healthy obsession for building products that are used by millions everyday.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the digital industry for more the 16 years advocating design, and while I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of change, I’m convinced that design is now playing a pivotal role in re-shaping the experience of products and providing real tangible value for brands, and global communities.

As a designer, I’m always looking to balance utility, expression, form and function, in service of the problem I’m trying to solve, the emotion I’m trying to evoke, or the opportunity I’m trying to enhance. I work within a strict framework of principles designed specifically for collaboration, efficiency, and quality; and I exercise restraint as I strive for simplicity. As John Maeda says, “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”.

When it comes to building and leading design teams, providing mentorship and empowering those around me are key tenets. Building the right process to support this philosophy often means understanding the motivations of individuals, the team, and knowing what guard-rails to put in place. While I lean more towards the Agile methodology (over Waterfall), these practices can be overly prescriptive; what works best, I’ve found, is a simple balance of both "time to create", and "time to ship".


Bachelor Design (Visual Communication)
Major studies in New Media & Postmodernism 

University of Western Sydney, Australia 1997 - 2001


Design patents

Airbnb Search interactions

FWA multi award winner

Nike, Footlocker, EA Games
2005 – 10

Apple Appstore hall of fame

SBS World News Australia
2010 - 12

UTS lecturer and Mentor

University of Tech Sydney
2010 - 12