Shane R. Allen



2014 – Current

Senior Product Designer, Facebook (Menlo Park, CA)
Currently connecting over 2 billion people through the power of visual communication, storytelling, and the core camera experience at Facebook.

Senior Product Designer, VSCO (CA)
Senior Designer, Lead & Mentor, building a community of expression one pixel at a time for millions for photographers and brands around the world to create, discover and connect.

Principal Designer, Airbnb (CA)
Principle Designer solving problems related to search, identity, trust and verification for a global community of travelers and hosts who embrace the mission of belonging anywhere.

2001 – 2014

Design Director, Tigerspike (Sydney and Melbourne, AU)
Design Director responsible for two design teams in Sydney and Melbourne, managing 5-10 designers of all levels, and partnering with numerous clients and external brands such as SBS World News Australia, Foxtel, ANZ, Woolworths, 7Eleven, and Mirvac on the strategy and design direction of their consumer products.

UX & UI Designer (Sydney, Melbourne, London)
Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to travel the world to work and freelance for some of the most influential design agencies and startups in Australia and London — such as Fluoro, Mook (London), Design Royale, Moon, and Deepend. I quickly built up a portfolio of client and personal work that skewed heavily on consumer products that included Flash & HTML websites for NIKE, FOOTLOCKER, DIESEL, TOYOTA, FOXTEL and VODAFONE, interactive experiences for EA GAMES, and even the very first iOS app in Australia for SBS World News.

The turning point in my design career came after I Co-founded my own startup – a Digital Publishing company that partnered with Adobe Australia. After two years of operating within a ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ framework, I turned my sights towards Design Thinking and how a holistic approach to design can do more than just promote a product and brand, but benefit businesses, influence process, and solve problems for people in the real world. Since that shift, people-problems have been at the heart of my process and guide the decisions I make every day.

Biography 2000 — 2018

I'm a cross-functional Product Design Director who loves being at the intersection of design, technology, strategy, and pixels. I'm driven by a combination of natural curiosity, formal design principles, and a healthy obsession for building products that are used by millions. My skills extend across all aspects of designing products from design thinking and strategy, management and mentoring, to visual design, interaction design, and user experience design.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the digital industry for more than 20 years advocating design, starting out as a design intern during the dot-com boom to working in the beating heart of technology – Silicon Valley. And while I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of change over that time, I’m convinced that design is only now playing a pivotal role in re-shaping the experience of products for users and providing real tangible value for brands, and global communities.

As a Product Designer, shaping the user experience for millions of people requires great care and attention to detail, and I’m always looking to balance form and function in service of the problem I’m trying to solve. I work within a framework of principles designed for co-creation, collaboration, efficiency, and quality; and I exercise restraint as I strive for simplicity. As John Maeda says, “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

When it comes to building and leading design teams, providing mentorship and empowering those around me are vital tenets. Building the right process to support this philosophy often means understanding the motivations of individuals, the team strategy, and knowing what guard-rails to put in place. I find what works best for Designers is a simple balance of having both "time-to-create," and "time-to-ship."


Bachelor Design (Visual Communication) 
Major studies in New Media & Postmodernism 

University of Western Sydney, Australia 1997 - 2001


Design patents

Airbnb Search interactions

FWA multi award winner

Nike, Footlocker, EA Games
2005 – 10

Apple Appstore hall of fame

SBS World News Australia
2010 - 12

UTS lecturer and Mentor

University of Tech Sydney
2010 - 12